Posted by: geekycrochetmom | March 11, 2013

Blankets and Biking

Yesterday was a bit of a milestone for me. For the first time, I gave in to hubby’s prod… I went with him to bike outside of our village. We ended up biking a total of 21.5 km! There was leisurely breakfast & some iced coffee (decaf) in between, plus a considerable break while he changed his flat tire.


But it was good bonding time for us sans the kids. I ended up with sore legs and fell into a deep, hour-long nap afterwards. It felt good, and though my arse is a wee bit sore up until today, I think we might do it again sometime (he does it regularly as he’s preparing for his duathlon next month; this is the weekend warrior speaking here, hehe).

A few weeks ago, I’ve finally managed to finish some long overdue granny coasters for a dear crochet friend and for a high school classmate. The packages have been sent. I wanted to stuff more into the package but it was now or never (“don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”… forgot where I’ve read that one).


Anyway, with the coasters out of the way, I suddenly felt “free” to jump into another WIP – my son’s Giant Granny Square Blanket. So out of hibernation it went. I’ve managed to add a handful of rounds  while watching TV.


I struggled with the dilemma of wanting to end up with a rectangular blanket (silly, I know). Should I add granny stripes on two ends? Or line up some solid granny squares on two sides? How about some semi-large squares? It was getting too complicated so I decided… what the heck, a square it shall remain. I just have to make it considerably larger so he can use it for a long time. And so, I trudge on.


Another source of excitement recently (yes, excitement) was learning to do the moss stitch. I got the pattern from Baby Love Brand and I was thrilled to finally find a use for my thread.

The thread was a thoughtful gift from a godmother: 6 huge balls of three-ply thread (estambre) – 2 red, 2 green, 2 dark blue. It is actually made up of 2 strands of very thin white polyester thread plus a strand of very thin colored cotton (which gave it its color). [Because the three strands are not actually plied together, it’s a bit splitty and gets caught on my hook or finger sometimes]. I am trying to make a plain rectangular striped “mat” to be used as a cover for our printer.

Since the thread was too thin, I used Navajo plying. No need to re-wind into balls or to work on two or three balls at once (must be quite a nightmare with three balls jumping about & getting tangled).


It turned into this sturdy yet stretchy fabric; compact but the details of the stitches come out nicely. It was also a lot of work as I have gotten used to how fast granny squares go. Although slow-going, I’m thinking this would make a very nice baby blanket, given soft yarn. I wonder when my sister or sister-in-law will have their next baby? (Once, my sister called to say she thought she might be pregnant and my first thought was, “Yey! So exciting! Now, what colors should I pick out for the yarn?”). Crocheters are a funny bunch.

That’s it for now. Your taking time to stop by means a lot to me. Have a great week!


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