Posted by: geekycrochetmom | July 7, 2013

Note to self: When faced by a daunting task, read this!

The past two weeks saw me pulling off projects/tasks that were, at first, seemingly not doable.

First, was a profession-related assignment placed on my shoulders 6 months ago. After weeks and weeks of lists and worries and planning and sleepless nights… it was a success! I couldn’t believe it.  With the help of people who actually believed in me AND people who actually helped out, it was done.

Second, teaching. The first meeting with my students was quite nerve-wracking. But last week, the young doctors seemed to manage to keep their interest and have left my classroom with smiles on their faces. So much more material to review but… so far, so good.

Lastly Third, our youngest’s 7th birthday party. With some planning and a couple of late nights (one spent preparing lootbags, the other -a few weeks ago – spent worrying), we made it! Today! The little girl and her friends were happy. After the hustle and bustle of party games and fun rides, the grownups looked a bit tired but pleased, too.

I write this down, not because I feel proud of such “accomplishments”. I’ve decided to put this on record to remind myself that, when faced with a new challenge, the wise thing to do is to plan and pray more AND to worry less. God is truly faithful. Despite my stubborn resistance against all things new and difficult (by the way, I’ve learned that most new things ARE difficult), He patiently puts up with my whining. He never loses faith in me. In Holy-Fatherly-fashion, He whispers words of encouragement, comforts me during tough times, and never lets go of my hand. Thank You, Jesus.

More challenges lay ahead of me. Profession-wise: a hospital committee in desperate need of my attention after weeks of being taken for granted; a huge, upcoming lecture (my first ever convention lecture… gulp); more residency-training duties. Personal challenges: helping the kids with schoolwork; finding the time to help them form improved study habits; spending more time with hubby and really listening to him when he speaks of his interests (duathlons, currently) instead of half-listening as my mind wanders off to the next item on my to-do list. Self-challenges: the need to make time for exercise, to make healthy changes in our diet, to lose a little weight, to make time for being with loved ones, and to find time for things that I love to do (books, crochet, movies!).

The list just goes on and on. I realize it’s a blessing really, this list that never ends. On to the next!



  1. 🙂 So true! ! Nice post

  2. Ang sabi nga, ang gawain ay natatapos pero hindi nauubos, habang nabubuhay tayo.

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