Posted by: geekycrochetmom | July 10, 2013



Hmmm… what’s this I’m feeling? Wednesday slump? So tired and sleepy. I’ve read Scripture and said my short, heartfelt, albeit whiney, prayer. Now trying to cheer myself up with a cup of decaf and crochet blogs on my feedly before the workday starts. (Wednesdays are busy days for me). Bought ‘The Joy Luck Club’ yesterday… still hoping to make time for sitting still with no kids, no errands, and without nodding my head off to sleep. Haha. I might be in need of a (mini) vacation.



  1. Maybe you just need caffeine hehe -from a caffeine tid-qid friend hehe

    • Hehe, you’re right! Bought iced coffee and I’m feeling better already. Nagkakape na ako once in a while. Thanks, caffeine friend, haha!

  2. Shout out to Hannah: thanks for the “like”… that’s you’re blog up there on my tablet =) Congratulations on the successful CAL. I hope to be able to join someday (

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