Posted by: geekycrochetmom | August 8, 2013

What a day it’s been! – An ode to mothers who have got it all under control

Wednesdays are long days for me. More like Wednesdaaaaaay. I usually skip lunch and subsequently end up bingeing on high-calorie, chocolatey drinks late afternoon when my blood sugar level begins to drop to precarious levels. Oh but not today. I came to work armed with homemade cheeseburger with lettuce and my usual jug of ice-cold water.

First of, allow me to say that I do not claim to be a great mom or THE best mom. On the contrary, after today’s events, I suddenly feel one with all the mothers out there. Imperfect beings who struggle and juggle, all in the name of love.

Though my usual Wednesday class today has been cancelled (I teach, part-time, to second year medical students) because of the students exam week, I still needed to be in the hospital much earlier than my clinic to give (actually, proctor) the medical residents’ exams. (By some unplanned twist of fate, I have recently ended up being assigned to handle some resident-related stuff in the department).

So, I left home at half past nine in the morning and spent the next three hours giving and then discussing the exams. Then off to clinic and rounds. Thank God all patients were familiar and uncomplicated. A pharma friend dropped by and brought me a burrito and a glass of ice-less iced tea, for which I was very grateful as my cheeseburger remained untouched in my bag. Up until then, I was still running on my breakfast (rice and chicken adobo), and a piece of turon (sweet banana in crunchy/fried lumpia wrapper) so thoughtfully handed to me by one of the residents.

By mid-afternoon, my food remained untouched as I had to rush to my next clinic about twenty minutes away. After seeing a few patients, I spent the next half hour at the laboratory, looking over some patient slides, including one that belonged to a colleague’s father. Made some calls to reassure the said colleague. At 6 pm I relaxed, knowing that my workday is done. Off to run a few errands and get a much-needed haircut.

I didn’t realize that the day is only partly done. Dropped by the vet shop to buy some food, and dewormer for our beloved Peanut (our golden retriever). After my haircut (which I liked, by the way), the calls began pouring in. My 7-year-old called to tell me that tomorrow was so-and-so’s birthday (a classmate) and that I HAD to buy a gift for her. A Barbie doll.

Passed by the bakeshop to buy a chocolate cake for some relatives who will be dropping by to get some stuff tonight. The second call came, this time from the 8-year-old, to tell me that she needed tomato seeds and radish seeds for their edible garden tomorrow. (My thoughts: radishes have seeds?!). This stopped me at my tracks and I had to think long and hard about where I could get them.

Off to the supermarket where I was blessed with a parking spot. Then came the text message’ “Mom, I need a container for the seeds, too. And a shovel and a thing that looks like a small rake and a watering can”. Okaaay. I grabbed a basket and whizzed through  the supermarket, grabbing seeds, some veggies, bread, detergent, dishwashing liquid (as requested by our nanny), and some foil and plastic cups for the 9-year-old, who told me yesterday that he needed to bring sand in a cup covered with foil tomorrow. Good thinking.

Oops, no gardening tools. Walked down to the bookstore-slash-hardware and bought pots, a small shovel, and the little thing that looked like a rake. (No watering cans. I thought the plastic cups would do). Then came another call from the little one reminding me about the Barbie. After going through lengths to explain to her that I had no access to a Barbie, and that it is way too expensive, she agreed on a small, cutesy token. (I was planning to pilfer one of her left-over lootbags from her party last month).

In the meantime, my burger and burrito were still sitting all by their lonesome self in the car seat. I sipped my warm iceless tea and felt relieved about finally going home. As I was unloading the stuff from the car, (it was already 8 pm by then) the relatives came. So hubby and I scrambled about, slicing cake and preparing coffee and entertaining them. When things have settled down, I chucked the burrito and burger into the fridge and sat down to eat my late dinner as we exchanged stories with our folks.

At past 9, company left and it was a mad scramble to prepare things for school tomorrow. The 9-year-old suddenly realized he missed out on one tiny detail – he needed to bring not only the sand in the cup covered with foil but it also had to contain at least three earthworms. What? How are we supposed to look for earthworms this late at night?! The nanny promised to hunt for worms early tomorrow morning. God bless her.

More chaos. The other girl needed shampoo and soap for swimming class tomorrow (check). The littlest one’s project got picked by the teacher and so had to be “rewritten” (and improved, I guess) for what was probably a slightly bigger project.

I ran through the other to-do’s and looming deadlines: we had to make colored paper buntings – 12 pieces for submission by the end of the week, a scrapbook about “myself” for the little one (which reminded me I had to drop by the photo shop soon to have some pictures printed out… which reminded me about the littlest one’s party from a month ago… I haven’t picked out the 70 photos needed for the picture book for the printer… the upcoming shifting exams. Etcetera, etcetera. Quick hugs and goodnight kisses, finally.

By the time everyone had been coraled to bed (way past bedtime, about a little past ten), I felt worn out and relieved. I thought of an upcoming lecture that I have yet to make powerpoint slides for, and a long-overdue committee meeting that needs to be called, and more exam questions that needed to be written out, etc., etc.

I was too overwhelmed, I just had to sit down and Facebook (yup, I am using it as a verb). For 20 minutes. Mindless surfing.

Was it just this morning when I read this article about what kids really want their parents to do with them? (it feels like ages ago). Things like play, and story-telling, and one-on-one time. For now, I just have to forgive myself and let it go. Tomorrow is another day. By the grace of God, a chance to do better.

If you have come to the end of this post, thank you from the bottom of my heart (Hi, Mom!). And, I beg you not to judge. I know with some diligent time management and A LOT OF HELP I can work things out. I only wish the teachers in school would learn to announce things needed for school way ahead of time (like, the week before, maybe?). Sigh.

Excuse me. I have exam papers to correct. Or maybe I’ll just lay my head down and rest.



  1. naku naman,i won’t be surprised if you soon need omepron na rin. kailangan bang magturo ka pa, as it is, toxic ka na sa patients mo ah. take care of yourself dear, sisingilin ka balang araw. ang pinaka ay ang time mo for the kids, maybe you can teach when they are a little bigger and more independent na. do not punish yourself by taking more tasks than you can handle. saying NO is not a sin:)

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