Posted by: geekycrochetmom | December 29, 2014

Let’s pretend…


… for a while that I have not been neglecting this blog for more than a year. That I have not been showering my affections on instagram (it’s just so much easier)!

L, our help, has left yesterday for a 9-day vacation which she chooses to take around the time of New Year. I have the snifles and felt warm and tired last night. So this morning, i find that the excitement of being all by ourselves has begun to worn off. Triggered by the youngest who refuses to finish her breakfast (I’m still waiting. It’s been an hour), i have been tsk-tsk-ing, shaking my head at myself for yelling my head off.

To cool myself down, I walked out to get the laundry which I forgot to bring in yesterday. I looked at the blue sky, the wispy clouds, and the bamboo leaves softly rustling with the wind and heard somebody whisper: “Everything will be okay. Focus on the things that matter”. And all anger and annoyance and irritations slipped away, like magic.

She is finally done. Vitamins done. Time to clean up and declutter. It’s going to be a great day!


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