Posted by: geekycrochetmom | December 30, 2014

Hooray for the small stuff!

I feel quite good about myself tonight. Saw my patients early (before breakfast) so that I can “feel” the holiday despite work. Now I’m not sure where the rest of the hours went but my “accomplishments” make me feel like I could pat myself on the back.

: prepared lunch (mostly leftovers) and cleaned up
: decluttered the refrigerator (almost there!
: chatted on FB with a dear friend
: booked a hotel room for two nights in time for the visit of Pope Francis to Manila . We want to be there when he celebrates mass at Rizal Park!
: read more about bullet-journaling and felt pretty excited about setting up my planner for 2015
: brought two of the 3 kids to the dentist for a long overdue checkup/OP/flouride/extraction — this is an answered prayer; we found a pedia dentist who is kind and gentle and very accessible to our place
: did the groceries
: ended up having dinner with the kids at the supermarket because they were starving
: updated hubby on the phone re need for orthodontics next month (he’s in his hometown for high school reunion)
: walked & fed the dogs (with help from) the girls

Now I was preparing to make myself some coffee and relax when I realized I still have to pack up the groceries and clean the house a little. We can’t welcome the new year with an untidy home, right?

After this, I will sit and spend some geeky time on setting up my planner and continue writing goals for the coming year. Maybe read and knit or crochet a little, too if I still have the energy. And catch up on Scripture-reading and prayer time as I have been way behind with the hectic holidays 😞🙏📖

Other tasks – lecture, work-related paperwork, can wait.

Feeling tired but happy. Spent but grateful. 😊


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