Posted by: geekycrochetmom | August 4, 2015

Exercise and Mommy-hood

Since three weeks ago when I started my personalized, super-slow-but-sure-exercise program (courtesy of hubby), I have begun to wake up earlier than what my body clock usually dictates. I am an owl; always have been. I  am most alert and most inspired at night when everyone else is sleeping. But hectic days filled to the brim with various obligations have enlightened me and I realized that I will be able to use my time more wisely if I start early and retire early.

This “wake up call” has been the source of wondrous fruits:

I am able to finish my exercise for the day before the texts/calls/patients’ lab results come in, making rising up feel more relaxed and refreshed. No worries (yet), just hours of potential that lay ahead of me, ready to be filled. What a gift it is to wake up every day and be given hours that can be filled with anything our heart desires!

I get to see the three sleepyheads as they prepare for school. Feeding the little one at the breakfast table as she dozed off in between spoonfuls of food. Putting mosquito repellant on their arms and legs. Fixing the girls’ hair. Reassuring the boy about some of his preteen concerns (more on that next time =p). Cleaning their ears and checking nails (not everyday). Putting small towels on their backs. Wishing them luck on quizzes and stuff. I am not always as patient as I’d like to be and often times, I would have to raise my voice to make sure they finish in time for the school service. But hearing the little girl say, “thanks, Mom” as I placed baby powder on her back or just seeing the look of relief on the big girl’s face after I placed wax on this rough spot on her braces, “thank you! I have been suffering from that for three days!” is more than enough to set my day off on a good start. Though I whine and complain to hubby about how stressful it is sometimes to be attending to the kids’ demands, and school needs, reply slips, and homework all by myself, it really and truly is an honor and privilege to be a mother to these three. There is no greater gift.


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